Euro veggie food finder

euro veggie food finder


Travelling in Europe can be a frustration for Vegans and Vegetarians. Apart from the language barrier, the jet-lag and general disorientation, in some cities suitable restaurants can be really difficult to find. But don’t worry, this app is here to help you – all you need is your Android device!

The StrudelDoo Euro Veggie Food Finder is a map based app that uses your mobile device’s location to find nearby vegetarian restaurants within Europe. By clicking on a marker you can find a description, directions and a range of further information about the restaurant, including whether the restaurants are vegan, vegetarian or just cater well for vegetarians. The easy to use interface allows you to simply browse and toggle map markers on and off, making things as clear as possible on a limited-size screen.

The app requires Google Play Services to be installed on your Android device.
Maintaining a reliable database of vegetarian restaurants for the whole of Europe can be a monumental task. Every effort is made to make our listings as accurate as possible, but due to the nature of the restaurant industry, data can get out of date. Please help by notifying us of corrections or additions on the StrudelDoo website –




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