Share picture and video greetings wherever you go. View others’ greetings around you and let others take part in yours. Get in contact with people who interest you.

IWasHere enables you to leave a greeting (picture or video) at a specific location, which can then only be viewed at that location.

Use IWasHere to leave a greeting for a friend at his/her house. View greetings about food and drinks in a restaurant you’re passing by.

Create a treasure hunt or a ghost walk for your friends. Create a greeting at the top of a mountain and challenge a friend to view it.

View greetings at the nightclub you visit and get in contact with the awesome disco diva who left that dance greeting. Follow people you’re curious about and see where they leave their digital footprints.

IWasHere can be whatever you want it to be. The only limit is your imagination.

Share the world with IWasHere. Amazing things can happen.

Available for free on iPhone and Android.

IWasHere is totally integrated with Facebook, so just use your Facebook profile to login.




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