Travel Safe

Travel Safe


Travel Safe helps you make emergency calls and texts anywhere in the world, lightning fast. Using location-sensitive emergency service databases, it connects you to the help you need, right when you need it.

Who is Travel Safe for?
Travel Safe, and you can go anywhere. It’s help in your pocket, whenever you’re on the move. Whether you’re heading on a roadtrip with friends, down the road for some milk, to Spain for the holidays, or just out drinking late, Travel Safe and you will.

What does Travel Safe do?
Be it two minutes from your house, or two days, Travel Safe gives you lightning-quick access to the emergency contacts you need; from police, fire, and ambulance, to your parents, partner, or best friend. All from one single screen, and always just one finger-tap away.

Super Easy to Use:
Know where you’re headed? That’s all the expertise you need. Travel Safe only takes a few minutes to set up your permanent safety information, and then prefills the rest based on your location, and our extensive database of national and international emergency service details. After that, your information stays safe and ready for if you need it. That’s it; just enter your details once, and go about your life.
Simple. Prepared. Travel Safe.

*Make an emergency call within 5 seconds of opening the app
*Autodetects your location and relevant emergency details
*Single screen emergency dashboard
*One-time, easy prefill of your personal details
*Pre-written emergency sms with one-tap send
*Pre-populated emergency numbers with one-tap call
*Extensive database of emergency service numbers for over 200 countries
*The ultimate smartphone safety tool
Updates coming soon!



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