VadoVia is an iPad travel app created for travelers by travelers. It is crowd-sourced by travelers — no paid promotions or out-of-date information — only the inside scoop from those who’ve ‘been there, done that’.

What does VadoVia offer you during your travels?
VadoVia is your ultimate travel companion whether you are a once-a-year vacationer or an experienced world traveler. VadoVia is packed full of functionality that will transform the way you travel. It was built to create a different traveling experience. As your companion, VadoVia captures your travels in ways that don’t exist in any other travel app.

View places to go, things to see and do in any city, state or country that have been digitally captured by other travelers as ‘tours’. Not tours in the traditional sense, but a wide array of travel options like:

Best places for pizza in Naples
Most romantic places in Paris
Go off-the-beaten track in Colorado
A tour of historical sites in London

You can even select tours by your preferred mode of travel — walking, biking or driving!
Wherever you are, open VadoVia and browse nearby tours, photos, reviews, and travel notes— all posted by other travelers.

And, if you want to see if there are others in or around your location, their pins will appear on the map and you can connect with them if you choose to.

Prefer to create your own personal itinerary and follow it as you travel? VadoVia is there for you. add your photos, write travel notes, and share them so your family and friends can travel with you. Everything uploads to your social networks! You can email them virtual postcards right from the app.

VadoVia can also be your digital travel journal. Store all your travel memories in one place that you can take anywhere.

As a crowd-sourced travel app, VadoVia’s content will continue to grow as travelers, like you, create and share your tours, travel tips and information.
By using VadoVia, you will be part of a community of travelers who create a dynamic travel companion that is shared worldwide.





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