CrowdRoaming Prevents Roaming

CrowdRoaming Prevents Roaming


By data bundle sharing between smartphones CrowdRoaming creates social bandwidth. Make a small part of your data bundle available for friends, family or travelers in your country. Become a part of the growing CrowdRoaming community now.
With our latest update the CrowdRoaming app connects automatically to all hotspots within the “WIRELESS Leiden” network, an independent Dutch hotspot network which provides free access to the internet. The app furthermore connects seamlessly and automatically to any other WiFi network with open hotspots .
★ CrowdRoaming is simple: The CrowdRoaming app lets your smartphone automatically connect in a fully safe and secure way with the smartphone of other fellow CrowdRoamers.
★ CrowdRoaming is safe: The application uses certificates for authentication and membership purposes. It is based on proven cryptographic principles. It is this feature which makes the application safe to use.
★ CrowdRoaming is social. We share what we do not use, we collaborate in what we consume. This way we prevent waste and we help each other. And make the world an even better place! It is about connect and share, give and take.
CrowdRoaming is available for Android only and works well on Android 2.3.x and now fully supports Android 4.1 and higher.
=== CrowdRoaming is still in BETA ===
Known issues:
CrowdRoaming uses Wi-Fi direct on Android 4.1 and above devices to establish an internet connection. Some apps (i.e. Google Hangouts) may not see this as a valid connection.




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