Cruise Ship Mate

Ship Mate


Start your Cruise Countdown now! Track your ship, see who you’re cruising with, view Deck Plans, see Reviews, Pictures and much more!

Included Cruise Lines:

– Carnival Cruise Line
– Royal Caribbean
– Norwegian Cruise Line
– Princess Cruises
– Celebrity Cruises
– Disney Cruise Line
– Holland America
– Oceania
– P&O
– Cunard
– Oceania
– Azamara
– Seabourn

Ship Mate features – more info here:

* Cruise countdown clock
* Roll Call
* Deck plans & cruise ship info
* Cruise port info (history, maps, locations, weather)
* Excursion info
* Cruise chat – meet those on your ship today!
* Postcards
* Cruise itineraries
* Deck cams
* Cruising packing list
* Cruise ship tracker
* Vacation picture gallery
* Cruising tips
* Budget feature

You will NOT need internet service to use the app on the ship. Cruise lines charge roughly $35 per hour for internet – you can put your phone on “airplane mode” and still use the majority of Ship Mate’s features.

NOTE: Ship Mate is not affiliated with or integrated with any cruise line. We have no control over your cruise or how often the Carnival deck cams go down.





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