Splittr – Cost sharing made easy

Splittr - Cost sharing made easy


Forget about Excel sheets after a trip with your friends!

Splittr helps you to split costs between you and your friends. It is perfect for vacations, weekend trips, nights with friends or even for the household. Simply add expenses as you go and Splittr will tell you who is next to pay, who needs to pay what to whom or it generates an entire report at the end which you can email to your friends.

– No login required.
– Super easy and fast user interface.
– It works completely offline.
– Multiple activities supported.
– All currencies are supported, you can even mix currencies.
– Intelligent equalization payments algorithm which minimizes the amount of transactions.
– You can split expenses unevenly if multiple purchaser paid different amounts or if participants had different benefits from the expense.
– Complete PDF reports.
– Support of Groups (Families, couples, etc.).

Use case: Imagine you are on a weekend trip with two friends. Emma and Daniel. You take them with your car and you pay 100,- for gas. Ok, this is easy to calculate but even then you have to note this expense. With Splittr this expense is entered in a couple of seconds.
Later you go to a restaurant. You are not hungry so you order a juice only. Daniel takes the steak and a dessert. Emma takes a salat. The bill is 80,-. You pay 60,- and Emma 20,- since Daniel forgot his money. Oh dear, that sounds really complicated now. Not with Splittr! Simply enter who paid how much and who benefited how much from the expense and Splittr will do the rest!
It is really that simple!




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