The Traveler

The Traveler


Created at Ball State University, Traveler is a trip journal and digital sketchbook, designed for anyone who travels and wants to capture the experience in one seamless package.
The app is available for Android phones and tablets running Android 4.0 or above, with additional capabilities included for the Samsung Galaxy Note device line‐up.

Traveler features the integration of captured photos, short videos, drawn sketches, recorded audio files, quick location markers, and GPS tracking into a package that allows the user to organize information and media in an efficient and travel‐friendly interface. With Google Maps built into the app, users can retrace their steps, noting the locations where photos and other media assets were collected and the path traveled along the way. For an immersive, virtual experience with contextual 3D buildings, the path can be “played” back in Google Earth on the device.

For Samsung Galaxy Note devices, Traveler includes support for the S Pen to provide a sketching and drawing canvas for digital sketchbook capabilities.
Features include:
* Capture photos, videos and audio on your trip and a marker will be added to the map where they were created;
* Record your path and replay using Google Earth;
* Send your paths to Google using Google Docs, Maps or Spreadsheets;
* Share media with friends and family using your favorite social media apps;
* Work offline to record your trips no matter where your travels take you;
* Sketch and draw with a variety of brushes, tools and colors using the S Pen.
Recent updates include new features such as:
* Google Maps v2, featuring tilt, panning, rotating and 3D buildings;
* New path options – merging multiple paths, path detail, share with friends and family;
* Quick camera option – take photos right from the action bar;
* Google Account integration for profiles;
* Add markers to quickly and easily mark a location on the map.
Ball State University students, faculty and staff can connect their university account for additional features, including:
* Ability to sync all content (trips, paths and media) to a server at the university for archival and transferring to other devices;
* Invite others to join a trip;
* Share photos and other media assets between travelers.
Help guides are available online at:




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